Range Support

Range Operation & Management

Landmarc have a truly unique capability in the design, build and operation of both live fire and dry training areas and ranges. Through nearly twenty years of partnership with the UK’s Ministry of Defence we have developed and enhanced the systems and processes needed to meet the continually changing training needs of military and civil protection personnel.  We operate across a particularly diverse landscape, maintaining a multitude of range types. Our knowledge and experience is institutional; by actively recruiting former military personnel we ensure are knowledge and skills are current and the best available.


We offer a comprehensive range service across the whole spectrum of firing range types, from small arms fire through to air weapons ranges. A safety critical service, Landmarc can provide solutions including new or change design work, upgrades to existing ranges to meet evolving training needs and the creation of range standing orders and operating procedures.

In addition, we undertake a full range operation service, opening the ranges prior to users arriving and taking them back from the users after their exercise is complete. We offer full management across a range’s use from preventing incursions to advising on munitions storage. Our processes and procedures are predicated on standards from the UK MoD but have been developed over years to provide optimised safe training.

Training Support

Training Delivery Support

At our heart we exist to enable the delivery of military and civil protection training. We have the experience and the knowledge of current global practices and can integrate these into either extant or new training needs according to our customer’s wishes. This includes technology based tools to enhance the safety and availability of ranges, as well as support for soft services such as catering or cleaning. Further, we truly understand the individuals needs to benefit from their training – not just directly but throughout their career by developing transferable skills. Landmarc can consult and advise on how these benefits to the individual will also benefit our customer.


Landmarc provide a wide-ranging targetry service, which includes deployment of our staff across the world. As well as the installation and repair of proprietary third-party systems we also design and produce static and moving target structures. We have dedicated targetry workshops where our staff can manufacture targets to the exact requirements of a specific training request.

Our targetry staff work with our range operatives to deploy targets at the start of every exercise and to recover them at the end. We also provide inventory management of targets that our assets of our customer meeting their obligations on spend management.

Explosives Management

Our explosive and munitions management service was developed as a direct response to our customer’s needs. The management, movements and storage of munitions and ordnance requires both specific processes and systems but also specialist skills from our staff. We are able to deliver this by actively employing former military staff and continuous engagement with our military customers to understand merging needs and provide solutions to them.

Infrastructure Support

Training Areas

Landmarc service a diverse complement of training areas. By their nature they are often in remote and challenging environments, where we must meet not just the needs of the training users but a complex mix of interests including public access, environmental concerns and of course the safety of everyone on whom our service may impact. Training areas require considerable upkeep and maintenance to meet these demands and our directly employed staff use robust well tested procedures to ensure training areas are available, compliant and safe.